Photography for Tamasha’s 25th birthday celebration held at the Mayfair Hotel, London.

The evening started with welcome drinks for guests, who later moved to the beautifully set main room.

The birthday festivities began in a glamorous fashion, with MC Roger Dakin welcoming guests, and Ramesh Vala and Fin Kennedy delivering an official introduction and welcome to Tamasha. Founding members of Tamasha also gave speeches.

An interactive session was organised, where guests were asked to stand up and answer a series of questions. Those who answered incorrectly were asked to sit down, and the five remaining guests who answered correctly went on to answer a final round of questions on stage, making it a great way to get the audience involved.

As a leading theatre company, Tamasha has produced plays over the past 25 years that have contributed to popular culture and addressed issues that affect various communities in the UK. A showreel of these plays was performed live, and it was inspiring to witness the emotion and energy of the performers who are a great asset to the work that Tamasha does.

Following the performances, guests were served the main meal and encouraged to participate in the evening’s silent auction. Before Nishma Gosrani, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Tamasha, gave her speech, there was a fantastic and emotional musical flute performance. Sudha Buchar was then introduced to the stage, providing an emotional insight into how she has seen the company grow over the years and why Tamasha was born.

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