We were proud to cover photography for the 25th birthday of the Tamasha celebrations which took place at Mayfair Hotel in London.

The evening started with welcome drinks for guests who later made their way into the main room, where tables and decor were beautifully set.

Tamasha’s birthday celebrations kicked off in glamorous style. The MC Roger Dakin welcomed guests and an official introduction and welcome was given by Ramesh Vala, Fin Kennedy at Tamasha. Following this, various speeches were given from founding members of Tamasha.

Firstly, guests were invited to take part in an interactive session. Guests were all asked to stand up and answer a series of questions. If they got the questions wrong, they would sit down. 5 guests who answered correctly remained standing and at the end of the session they were asked to come to the stage and answer a final round of questions. This was a great way to get the audience to get involved.

Being a leading theatre company, Tamasha has produced a number of plays over the last 25 years, which have contributed to popular culture and based around issues which affect various communities in the UK. A showreel of these plays were performed live and it was great to see the emotion and energy from the performers who are a great asset to the work that Tamasha does.

Following on from the performances, guests were served the main meal and encouraged to take part in the evening silent auction.

There was a fantastic, emotional musical flute performance just before Nishma Gosrani, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Tamasha spoke. Sudha Buchar was introduced to the stage and provided a great emotional slot on how she has seen the company grow over the years and why Tamasha was born.

Looking forward to learning more about Tamasha and what it has in store for the next 25 years.

Find out more: www.tamasha.org.uk