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21 Aug


Your event is over. How can you share your event photographs in the right way?

August 21, 2016 | By |

You and your team have spent months planning for that key event.

You had over 500 guests and everything was planned down to a tee. The event is now over, but the work does not stop there. You now need to document your event.

We certainly recommend getting coverage of your event in the form of video or photography. Whatever you choose to use, you now need to document the whole.

If you have a great set of photographs, there are a number of things you can consider:


1 – Get social with your photos

In today’s world, content is king so it’s very easy to utlise the power of high quality creative images from your event. You can also recycle a lot of your content online in the future across your channels.

2 – Bring it to life in print…

Select set of a high impact photographs which can be used in printed materials for your future marketing initiatives

3 – Create a beautiful online gallery

Creating a gallery on your website with a short text write up can be a quick way of creating instant impact of your event.

4 – Get creative with online tools

There are a numerous online tools to help you ‘showcase’ your photography. We enjoy using Adobe Spark and you can see an example of this in use below this text.

Indian PM Modi at Wembley Stadium

5 – Head to the movies…

Well, not quite, but you could get a ‘show-reel’ of your photographs made. This is essentially a rolling set of photographs which is turned into a short video, often combined with a soundtrack or music sample.

Remember that this is not a exhaustive list, but planning ahead on what you can do to promote the event using photography can be a very valuable consideration.

Having a show-reel of selected photographs is a pretty effective way to showcase a selection of high quality photographs from your events. With the addition of a simple soundtrack, it can really help bring a set of photographs to life.

The process – how can I make a ‘showreel’?

After you have your photographs, you would need to select the ones which really tell the story.

It’s probably better to take a ‘less is more’ approach and remove photographs which which have less impact. A soundtrack or a music clip can be selected and then the show-reel movie file can then be generated.

There is always going to be some iterations (checking through to see if the photographs are in the right place and their relevance/impact) and eventually sign off.

It can then be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and then shared across all of your social media, websites, blogs, email newsletter mailing list, to create engagement.

In addition to providing you with a set of high quality, edited photographs, a show-reel of photographs is something which could be considered to add a little more spark and interactivity to your post event promotion.

You could even consider publishing it on the ‘same day’, at the end of your event to share with your guests/attendees to get the ‘Wow’ factor.

After months of planning your slick event, why not promote it in the right way.

Now that you know a little more about getting the most out of your event photographs, why not Get in touch or contact today and see what we can do for you.

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Kerry Foods – Marketing Engagement from Count Creation on Vimeo.

UK Welcomes Modi – Showreel of photography from Count Creation on Vimeo.